Thursday, March 08, 2007

Icy Mountain 1.2

I decided to update Icy Mountain in Vue 6 Infinite, so, here it is:

Resolution: 1600x1200
DPI: 300
Render Time: About 12-15 Hours.

Unfortunately, most of my older scenes are not readable by Vue 6 Infinite, so I will probably not be able to upgrade another. :(


Kiiba said...

This one looks really cool! I like the snowy mountain look.

Anonymous said...

Why would you use a 300dpi for a screen resolution? That does not make any sense... And it explains why it is rendering half a day. Nice render though...

Mindstormer said...

Normal printers typically print at 300-600 DPI, which is why that is a better resolution than say... 80 DPI.

The higher DPI is pointless though for monitors since they do not display much of a noticeable difference if you compared 80 DPI to something much higher.

The render times were largely due to my previous PC being quite slow as well.