Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This is the first picture I did in Vue 5 Infinite. I mainly did it to test out the new features of Vue 5 I. I also rendered it at 3200x2400 1000dpi. It took about 9hours to render.

Here is a picture I have been working on for months and have finally finished, im pretty happy with the results and compared to the first version its a major improvement! I rendered It at 3200x2400 1000dpi. (older versions can be found by clicking the "My Works-in-Progress" link on the sidebar)

In this picture I was trying to see how much vegetation (in this case grass) I could put in a scene without my computer freezing, im not sure why im uploading it though...

Made this one around the time I did the previous pic, cant remember if it was before or after though...

This was my first picture that I did in vue 4 pro, I would have upgraded it more and made it more realistic had I not reformatted my computer and lost the file for Vue.

This was definately one of the most time consuming graphics I did in Bryce, Took a few weeks of working on it now and then to get it done. Its also my best one in Bryce 5, pity I diddnt render it at a higher rez.

Here is one of my first pictures I did in Bryce 5, not great but im uploading it anyway so you can compare some of my first graphics to my newer graphics.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Welcome to

Hi Everyone!

Well I have decided to start up for my completed graphics, will remain for my works-in-progress and once completed I will post the final Pictures here. That way if you are not interested in the minute details of my graphics you can check back here.