Sunday, December 14, 2008


Something I've been working on for the two weeks. I learnt a few new techniques in Vue in order to complete it too.

Done in Vue 6 Infinite and Photoshop CS3.

Just as a side-note: I'm redirecting the full-view images (From when you click on the thumbnails here) to the pages I have them on at DeviantArt. That way they won't eventually expire like with imageshack when the view limit is reached. So yeah, if you want the full wallpaper sized version, either click the download link to the left of the image on DeviantArt, or on the preview thumbnail there. :)

Comments welcome as always.

Infinitum 2

This is a rework of the first Infinitum. I actually did this ages ago (Probably over a year back) but just never uploaded it.

The 500Gb hard drive with all my original Photoshop and Vue files is now dead thanks to a defective SATA/IDE to USB Sabrent power adapter, so I can't tweak this further anyway unless I get $900-1200 someday to recover the data through a data recovery company. Needless to say, the same applies to all my other art except for my other two most recent Vue ones which I had saved separately. :(

Original version: Link